Ettore Consolazione e la luce del sogno di Costantino

Dario Micacchi

On “L’Unita” dated 28 February 1979.

Tenda, 1976 Tela (modello)

Tenda, 1976
canvas (model)

“The Emperor’s tend remains was wide open due to the heat of the summer nights. Suddenly a great light rains from above, peering as if it were from the moons eye. The red pavilion waning as a waning as a bare hill of a volcano. While the shadow flattens under the edge of the fold, while the brown Emperor in white hat receive the reverent under sealed eyelash the luminous “Annunzio”.

With these words Roberto Longhi commented in 1927 “Il Sogno di Costantino” in his extraordinary book about Piero della Francesca which was making a part of “La legend della croce” frescoed in San Francisco by Arezzo, adding that in this figurative comprendio of Piero, the Italians were able to “appreciate their true classic art”.

Ettore Consolazione as one of our young and rich artists with free and far imagination, the magic light of “Il Sogno di Costantino” ad depicted by Piero was the art of the mind. The taste references for the ancient conceptual art above all that of Paolini. However, as for Ettore Consolazione that light is more than a reference: It was staged and distributed in three stands of the gallery including the signs and the weapons, the armors and the helmets in frescoes of “Vittoria di Eraclio su Cosroe” and that of “Vittoria di Costantino su Massenzio”.

The materials employed for this fantastic environmental sculpture for this motionless theater light is the canvass filled and sewed for the signs, the helmets and the armor. A soft sculpture with a whitening yellowish color that generated a visual wonder in its metaphysical luminosity; something new and different event with respect to Oldenburg’s soft objects and those more lower level objects of Kantor.

Costantino has left the tent guided by the signs with the cross; he already won that of Massenzio. In the environment created by him remains the magic of that mysterious light that comes form a lunar night by a messenger angel from his the deep dreams; a magic linked to the materials used with a technique affected by grace and contagious to the poetic dream of Piero della Francesca.

With his handiwork of “Il Sogno di Costantino”, Ettore Consolazione elaborates a turning point to the researches made in conceptual environmental art made with common material pulling them out forcefully from little gallery airtight games to be projected and made lively on a great screen.