Il teatro della scultura

di Filiberto Menna

On the catalogue “Il teatro della scultura”, Gallery Hall No. 1 Rome 1986


The handiworks of Ettore Consolazione seems to large extent born on a stage in which the reality and fiction is again combined together, but with beautiful colors of a fairy tale. The artist passes with indifference from material to another, from cloth to clay, or blends them to invent both characters and the scene in which these two blends interact: the clay plate presents itself as a shelf or a backdrop of a landscape; an accidental plain that suddenly bridles up in a vertically towered blocks of an edifice in the bottom of which lies a white sky fabric. Thus, the story emanates directly from a meditation on the material and its possibility of transformation where the artist as if a director, or perhaps, in a demiurge thumbnails, accumulates landscapes, chivalry shapes and towered cities to constructs his own plastic theatre, resorting with an irony smile to the imagination of children and the memory of the adults.

Targa, 1976
Concrete - paper cm. 50x30

Targa, 1976 cemento - carta cm. 50x30