Was born in 1941 in Rome where he lives and works.
Studies: Architecture at La Sapienza University in Rome;
Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome
Graphics and engraving at the Istituto Superiore Statale di Urbino.

Matera, Museo arte contemporanea MUSMA,
Il presepe gioioso.

He approached to sculpture through the experiences of graphics, photography and art. The desire to create an original art work led him to testing materials such as clay and cloth, sound actions and environmental intrusiveness.
The activities of set designer led him to place his works in a “theatrical” context, often ironic. Light sculptures, easily transportable, born from the idea of "the world in your pocket."
A transition from a daily context to a lyrical art work takes place when Consolazione starts realizing sculptures in fabric. The Sogno di Constantino (Dream of Constantine -
1976), a curtain viable by the viewer, becomes an environment that evokes feelings. Some works of the Seventies like Comizio (Rally), Bandiere (Flags), Libro (Book), Bottiglie Molotov (Molotov bottles), show a political commitment expressed in a playful, liberating way, compared to the tragedy of the period.
The sculpture by Ettore Consolazione is also focused on a meditation on the material used for the realization and its ability of self-transforming.
Among many exhibitions attended, we recall his presence at the thirthy-seventh Biennale of Venice in 1976, at the tenth and eleventh Quadriennale in Rome, at the twelfth Bienniale of Gubbio and at all the sculpture exhibitions promoted by Filiberto Menna.

A. M. Tatò, G. Uncini,  Renzogallo, D. Bendin Galleria Franco Riccardo, Napoli, 1996
A. Tatò, G. Uncini, Renzogallo, D. Bendin
Galleria Franco Riccardo, Napoli, 1996

In 1981 he was invited to the retrospective “exhibition 60/80 Lines of artistic research in Italy", with Nello Ponente as curator.
In the Nineties, Consolazione’s research underwent a process of further simplification, focusing predominantly on the appearance and on the structural design of the works, emphasizing the ambient event.

In 2000, the Municipal Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Rome bought the nine bronzes exposed at the exhibition “Contemporary Art Works in Progress 9”.

In 2005 he mounted a large retrospective exhibition in Monte Carlo publishing a comprehensive monography about thirty years of his work. Among his latest art works, in 2008 he realized a large bronze sculpture of 14 elements on the facade of the Albornoz Hotel in Spoleto and in the same year he realized another great bronze sculpture in the new headquarters of the Unipol Bank in the Esquilino Square in Rome.

Con G. Uncini, C. Verna, Galleria Banchi Nuovi,  Roma, 1991
Con G. Uncini, C. Verna, Galleria Banchi Nuovi,
Roma, 1991

In 2010, he was invited to participate in "Scultori a Brufa" 24th edition, from the Municipality of Torgiano (PG), realized a tall sculpture (12 meters) a in cor-ten steel titled "Contro tutti i terrorismi." (Against all forms of terrorism).

In 2012 ushers in a personal exhibition at the gallery Limen 895 in Rome entitled "... te l’ho già detto, sono uno scultore" and at the end of the year he created two large bronze sculptures shown respectively the first in Grosseto and the second in the garden of Scala Santa in Rome.